Fabian Diewald

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This work presents three different quality functions for road course estimation using an imaging radar sensor. The quality functions work on gridmap data. A gridmap integrates each measurement in chronological order. Range estimation is found out to be necessary on country roads and a solution is introduced. All quality functions are evaluated using a huge(More)
Automotive radar sensors are commonly used for providing environment information required by driver assistance systems. Although they show a good performance in measuring the distance and the speed of other objects even under poor weather conditions, they suffer from the shortcoming of a missing resolution in elevation. Consequently bridges crossing the(More)
The Landweber method is one of the simplest iterative image restoration methods. Although it may be a good choice for real time restoration of automotive radar images, this method suffers from the slow convergence and also the complexity of choosing its step sizes. In this paper, first a definition of the Landweber method on the basis of the line search(More)
The Lucy-Richardson Algorithm is a well-known iterative method for the deconvolution of images con-volved with a known point spread function. It is derived from a statistical point of view as it converges to the maximum-likelihood solution under the condition that the data follow a Poisson distribution. This assumption holds true for images detected by a(More)
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