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OBJECT The authors present a retrospective analysis of 248 immunocompetent patients with primary intracerebral lymphoma treated at 19 French and Belgian medical centers between January 1980 and December 1995. METHODS This study involved 127 female and 121 male patients with a median age of 61 years (range 2-88 years). All tumors available for review were(More)
Guidelines for the management of severe head injury in adults as evolved by the European Brain Injury Consortium are presented and discussed. The importance of preventing and treating secondary insults is emphasized and the principles on which treatment is based are reviewed. Guidelines presented are of a pragmatic nature, based on consensus and expert(More)
To provide a picture of contemporary practice, a survey was carried out of severely and moderately head injured patients admitted to 67 'neuro' centres in 12 European countries. 1,005 adult head injuries were recruited over a three month period. Sixty items of information on demography, clinical features, investigations, management and early complications(More)
OBJECTIVE Computed tomographic (CT) scanning can reveal the pattern and severity of structural brain damage after head injury. With the proliferation of CT scanners in general hospitals, and with improvements in patient transport, the interval from injury to the first CT scan is decreasing. The potential result is an "admission" scan missing an evolving and(More)
This study assessed the prognostic value of several markers involved in gliomagenesis, and compared it with that of other clinical and imaging markers already used. Four-hundred and sixteen adult patients with newly diagnosed glioma were included over a 3-year period and tumour suppressor genes, oncogenes, MGMT and hTERT expressions, losses of(More)
We address the problem of detecting slow-moving targets using space-time adaptive processing (STAP) radar. Determining the optimum weights at each range requires data snapshots at neighboring ranges. However, in virtually all configurations, snapshot statistics are range dependent, meaning that snapshots are nonstationary with respect to range. This results(More)
In an effort to extend the potential relationship between the methylation status of MGMT promoter and response to CENU therapy, we examined the methylation status of MGMT promoter in 44 patients with glioblastomas. Tumor specimens were obtained during surgery before adjuvant treatment, frozen and stored at -80 degrees C until for DNA extraction process. DNA(More)
This paper explores the specific roles of sprouting stimuli, perisynaptic Schwann cells and neuromuscular activity in axonal sprouting at the neuromuscular junction in partially denervated muscles. As for sprouting stimuli, insulin-like growth factor II which is generated from inactive muscle fibers in partially denervated and paralysed skeletal muscle is(More)
Glial tumours are a devastating, poorly understood condition carrying a gloomy prognosis for which clinicians sorely lack reliable predictive parameters facilitating a sound treatment strategy. Tp73, a p53 family member, expresses two main classes of isoforms--transactivatory activity (TA)p73 and DeltaTAp73--exhibiting tumour suppressor gene and oncogene(More)