Fabian Blanchard

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The exponential abundance increase of a sub-tropical species, boarfish (Capros aper), as well as the sea bottom temperature increase in the continental shelf of the Bay of Biscay (France) over the three last decades are reported. This species was rare in the seventies and is now a dominant one. This is a small bathy-demersal, probably short-lived species(More)
In the present study we designed a pair of primers to amplify the exon 2 of the MHC IIβ chain of the Atlantic goliath grouper, which is responsible for the recognition of pathogenic molecules and the regulation of the immune system. Future analyses of this region may provide an important database to understand the evolutionary processes affecting the(More)
The Ile du Grand Connétable nature reserve is a rocky island off the Northern Atlantic coast of South America that hosts a unique population of Magnificent Frigatebirds (Fregata magnificens, Pelecaniformes). A high chick mortality, associated with nodular proliferative lesions, involving featherless areas, such as legs, neck, eyelids, and beak, was recorded(More)
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