Fabian Blaicher

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This paper presents first steps toward a large vocabulary continuous speech recognition system (LVCSR) for conversational Mandarin-English code-switching (CS) speech. We applied state-of-the-art techniques such as speaker adaptive and discriminative training to build the first baseline system on the SEAME corpus [1] (South East Asia Mandarin-English). For(More)
In driving applications, a full windshield head-up display (FWD) system provides a flexible way for delivering driving related information. The projected information (text, image and graphics) is distorted on the car windshield because of its non-planar surface, the FWD projector's position and the viewing angle of the driver. In this paper, we present(More)
Maturing seeds of Sinapis alba were incubated with D-[U-14C]glucose, sodium [l-14C]acetate or m>>0-[U-14C]inositol in order to prepare radioactively labelled phytic acid with high specific activity. Although each substrate was utilized for the biosynthesis of phytic acid, maximum incorporation of radioactivity into phytic acid was found with rayo-inositol.(More)
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