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The structures of the three Myb-related genes Hv1, Hv5 and Hv33 from barley were determined. They contain a single intron located in the second repeat unit of the Myb-related domain. By analogy to the animal MYB oncoproteins this conserved region of the gene product was shown by filter-binding experiments to exhibit nucleic acid-binding activity. Tobacco(More)
Alterations of neuronal activity due to changes in GABAA receptors (GABAA R) mediating tonic inhibition influence different hippocampal functions. Gabra5-null mice and α5 subunit((H105R)) knock-in mice exhibit signs of hippocampal dysfunction, but are capable of improved performance in several learning and memory tasks. Accordingly, alleviating abnormal(More)
In adult rodent olfactory bulb, GABAergic signaling regulates migration, differentiation, and synaptic integration of newborn granule cells (GCs), migrating from the subventricular zone. Here we show that these effects depend on the formation of a postsynaptic scaffold organized by gephyrin-the main scaffolding protein of GABAergic synapses, which anchors(More)
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