Fabián Alvarez

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The influence of a recurrent excitatory connection on the response of three neuron models to slow periodic modulation is analyzed. The models are the graded response model and the threshold model with and without adaptation. Lissajous displays of the system's output (discharge rate) as a function of the instantaneous input value show hysteresis in all three(More)
XNBC V9 is a software intended to simulate biological neural networks. Two types of neuron models are available: phenomenological, and ion-conductance based with several receptor types. Inputs to simulated neurons may come from experimental data stored in "les, to makèhybrida networks. Neurons and networks are described using graphic tools. Neurons can be(More)
Random perturbations, referred to as noise, are omnipresent in the nervous system. We investigate how noise modifies the dynamics of the neural networks according to the delay. In this report, we examine the effect of transmission delay on both the dynamics of a single neuron receiving a recurrent excitation and the dynamics of fully interconnected(More)
XNBC is intended to simulate biological neural networks. XNBC V9 is an important evolution of the previous versions of the XNBC package, a full featured application for computer naive neuroscientists. XNBC is controlled via a user-friendly interface based on XWindow, Motif (Lesstif) and GTK and produces native colour PostScript high quality graphic outputs.(More)
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