Fabián A Tedeschi

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We have analyzed the co-expression of the bcr-abl and HoxA9 genes in the follow-up of patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML). In the present work we measured the HoxA9 and bcr-abl gene expression in sequential samples. In all patients, bcr-abl and HoxA9 were expressed at detectable levels in every sample. When the results were expressed in relation to(More)
On February 2008, a suspected foodborne outbreak was reported in Las Rosas (Santa Fe Province, Argentina). The formal procedures indicated that an undetermined number of individuals had experienced food poisoning following consumption of vegetable cannelloni bought at a local shop. The manufacturer establishment was audited. Samples from the suspected food,(More)
In this paper, we describe a particular clinical case of gastrointestinal Kaposi's sarcoma associated with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome in a 51-year-old female patient who survived 6 years without anti-retroviral treatment after the diagnosis of HIV infection. The patient was admitted to our hospital with fever, skin lesions in both upper limbs and(More)
INTRODUCTION Staphylococcal food poisoning is the most frequent type of food poisoning around the world. Staphylococcus aureus enterotoxins cause significant loss of water in the intestinal lumen, followed by vomiting and diarrhea. OBJECTIVE To report a fast, reliable and inexpensive strategy based on multiplex PCR for the simultaneous identification of(More)
Human Metapneumovirus (hMPV) is a recently reported agent of acute infection in the respiratory tract. It has been found in children as well as in young adults and elders. The clinical manifestations produced by hMPV are indistinguishable from those by common respiratory virus, and can evolve from asymptomatic infection into severe pneumonia. On the other(More)
In the present work we study the HOXA9 expression in sequential samples of patients with CML using RT-PCR. To obtain a semi-quantitative value, the HOXA9 expression was referred to the ABL gene in the same sample. The relative HOXA9 expression was higher in patients in the accelerated phase of the disease (p<0.005). Interestingly, a patient with poorer(More)
Virological and clinical researches have been done on hospitalized newborn infants' with various infectious diseases (respiratory infections, aseptic meningitis, serious generalized disease). Initially from some newborn children Coxsackie B5 virus has been isolated and later from other patients Coxsackie B3 virus. The pathological findings, in those newborn(More)
Our goals were: a) to detect Helicobacter pylori in gastric biopsies of symptomatic adults by PCR, b) to detect the presence of the cagA gene as well as of the allelic variants of the vacA gene, and c) to correlate genotypes with the endoscopic diagnoses. H. pylori was detected in 81 % (39/48) of patients by nested PCR for hsp60. The presence of cagA was(More)
sophageal squamous papilloma is an uncommon, usually asymptomatic, benign tumor of the squamous epithelium consisting of a raised, sessile, small and round (smooth or rough) lesion. The prevalence is between 0.01 and 0.45% of cases, with a male/female ratio of 3:1. The etiology and pathogenesis appear to be a mechanical or chemical irritation of the mucosa(More)
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