Fabián A Pitoia

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The aims of these recommendations were to develop clinical guidelines for evaluation and management of patients with differentiated thyroid cancer applicable to Latin American countries. The panel was composed by 13 members of the Latin American Thyroid Society (LATS) involved with research and management of thyroid cancer from different medical centers in(More)
BACKGROUND Insulin is a thyroid growth factor that stimulates proliferation of thyroid cells in culture. In order to evaluate the effects of insulin resistance (IR) on the thyroid gland, we developed a prospective study in euthyroid women. METHODS One hundred eleven women (mean age 32.2 +/- 7 years) were evaluated by a thyroid ultrasound (US) and basal(More)
Most autonomous functioning thyroid nodules (AFTN) are benign thyroid follicular neoplasms. There are rare reports of malignant hot nodules, in which activating mutations of the TSH receptor (TSHR) were found. We report a case of follicular carcinoma presenting as an AFTN causing subclinical hyperthyroidism in a 64-year-old woman who had a 6-cm hot nodule(More)
For patients with advanced, radioactive iodine-refractory differentiated thyroid cancer, current treatment guidelines recommend clinical trial enrollment or small-molecule kinase inhibitor therapy. However, details of patient management vary between countries depending on trial availability and national regulatory policies. Insufficient clinical trial data(More)
Among bullous diseases, pemphigus vulgaris (PV) is a classical variety of this type of skin disorders. To establish the real prevalence of thyroid abnormalities in such a disease, a prospective study was developed. For this reason, thyroid evaluation was performed in 15 consecutive patients who attended the Dermatology Clinic for PV and in a group of 15(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the prevalence of primary thyroid disorders in patients who underwent endogenous hypercortisolism. DESIGN Retrospective evaluation of 59 patients with Cushing's syndrome (CS) who had, at least, a record of thyroid palpation by expert endocrinologists and basal measurements of TSH by second generation assays. When available,(More)
The transcription factor Pitx2 is required for the morphogenesis of anterior structures such as the eye, teeth, and anterior pituitary. We investigated the functional properties of Pitx2 missense mutants previously reported in Axenfeld-Rieger syndrome, using reporter genes under the control of pituitary target gene [human (h)PRL, hGH, hPit-1] promoters(More)
OBJECTIVES The aims of this study were to validate the proposed Latin American Thyroid Society (LATS) risk of recurrence stratification system and to compare the findings with those of the American Thyroid Association (ATA) risk of recurrence stratification system. SUBJECTS AND METHODS This study is a retrospective review of papillary thyroid cancer(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with insulin resistance (IR) have a higher prevalence of thyroid nodules. In the present study, we present original data showing that patients with differentiated thyroid carcinoma (DTC) also have a higher frequency of IR. METHODS Twenty women with DTC (group 1, G1) and 20 euthyroid individuals (control group, CG) were investigated for(More)