Fabaino Montiani-Ferreira

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PURPOSE To carry out a descriptive investigation into the most relevant morphological features of the chinchilla eye and bony orbit, as well as to perform selected ophthalmic diagnostic tests with the aim of establishing normal anatomic and physiologic references for this species. METHOD A total of 57 healthy, chinchillas were used to test most of the(More)
Lacquer crack lesion (LCL), a complication of myopia in human patients, is characterized by loss of retinal pigment epithelium and breaks in Bruch's membrane. This report describes comparable lesions in the "retinopathy, globe enlarged" (rge) chick. Twenty-six birds, (nine rge/rge [affected], 12 rge/+ [carriers] and five +/+ [normal]), were examined(More)
Abstract This review article provides a comprehensive coverage of basic statistical procedures commonly used in biologic experiments and is intended to be a basic guide to the selection of appropriate tests and also to aid the reader in the evaluation of published studies. The focus is on the use, interpretation and presentation of the main statistical(More)
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