Fabíola Sell

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Acute colonic pseudo-obstruction (Ogilvie's syndrome) is characterized by abdominal distention and massive colonic dilatation without any mechanical cause of obstruction. We have reviewed the records of 57 patients, 36 men and 21 women (median age 65.4 y), from 1/1992 to 12/1996, with a colonic pseudo-obstruction, defined as dilatation of at least 10 cm on(More)
Many diving mammals are known for their ability to deal with nitrogen supersaturation and to tolerate apnea for extended periods. They are all characterized by high oxygen-carrying capacity in blood together with high oxygen storage in their muscle mass due to large myoglobin concentrations. The above properties theoretically also imply a high tissue(More)
BACKGROUND Delayed gastric emptying is one of the most frequent postoperative complications after Whipple resection. In the present study we evaluated the role of enteral nutrition in the development of delayed gastric emptying after Whipple resection. PATIENTS AND METHODS Between January 1996 and June 1998, 64 patients (30 female, 34 male) underwent a(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIMS Evaluate the influence of tomato powder in diets differing in energy level on antioxidant status in blood and liver of rats. METHODS Twenty-four adult male Wistar rats weighing 150-180 g were placed four groups (n=6). For 28 days, animals were fed a diet that was either hyper energetic or hypo energetic. Some diets were supplemented(More)
Hyperthyroidism was induced in rats and somatic indices and metabolic parameters were analyzed in testis. In addition, the morphological analysis evidenced testes maturation and intense protein synthesis and processing, supporting the enhancement in vimentin synthesis in hyperthyroid testis. Furthermore, vimentin phosphorylation was increased, indicating an(More)
Congenital hypothyroidism was induced in rats by adding 0.05% 6-propyl-2-thiouracil in the drinking water from day 9 of gestation, and continually up to postnatal day 15. Structural alterations observed by light microscopy of seminiferous tubules and by transmission electron microscopy of Sertoli cells of treated animals were consistent with hypothyroid(More)
Both surgical iridectomy and YAG-laser iridotomy have been shown to prevent angle-closure glaucoma. However, it remains unknown as to which procedure is superior. We therefore conducted a prospective randomized study, which compared the effect of the two methods on visual acuity, intraocular pressure, endothelial cell density, depth of the anterior chamber,(More)
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