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Previous work has shown that RNase E-mediated cleavage of RNAI, an antisense repressor of the replication of ColE1-type plasmids, relieves repression in vivo by endonucleolytically converting RNAI to a rapidly decaying product. We report that mutations in the Escherichia coli pcnB gene result in a 10-fold prolongation of the half-life of RNAI decay(More)
Although polyadenylation has commonly been regarded as a special feature of eukaryotic messenger RNA, there are many reports of polyA tails on bacterial RNA (for example, refs 3-8). In Escherichia coli, adenylation mediated by the pcnB gene greatly accelerates decay of RNA I, an antisense repressor of replication of ColE1 type plasmids that resembles highly(More)
Pollen exine, mainly composed of sporopollenin, plays important roles during microspore development. It has been reported that Acyl-CoA Synthetase5 (ACOS5) is required for sporopollenin biosynthesis in Arabidopsis. Here we show that ACOS5 is essential for primexine formation during Arabidopsis microspore development. Through genetic screen, we identified a(More)
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