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The HERA-B experiment[1, 2] is designed for observation of CP violation in the B-meson system at the HERA machine in DESY. The data acquisition and triggering system must cope with a half million detector channels, a 40 MHz interaction rate and a signal to background ratio of 10 ?10. A highly selective multi-level trigger and high bandwidth data acquisition(More)
For the HERA-B experiment a processor farm for the third level trigger and full event reconstruction is planned. It will consist of more than 100 processor nodes, receiving data via high speed data links from a switching network. In 1996, a VME-based system (test farm) was built to test a possible implementation. In parallel, investigations of alternative,(More)
The abstract should summarize the contents of the paper and should contain at least 70 and at most 150 words. It should be set in 9-point font size and should be inset 1.0 cm from the right and left margins. The coordinate measuring machine systems (CMMS) are widely used for part inspections in manufacturing plants, which mostly include bridge CMMS and(More)
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