Fa-Liang Chang

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Detection of vehicle license plate is vital for identifying the vehicle because the license plate has unique information for each vehicle. However, in India, vehicle license plate standards, though they exist, are rarely practiced. Large amount of variations are seen in the parameters of license plate like size of number plate, its location, background and(More)
Locating the vehicle license plate plays an important role in the vehicle license plate automatic recognition system. A novel locating approach based on the texture feature is presented in this paper. Analyzing the texture of plate image, this paper makes one dimension cycle clear method for map of horizontal projection. This method can effectively filter(More)
It is a difficult problem that targets are detected in nature background, especially in images corrupted by noise. In order to solve this problem, a method based on feature salience is proposed for targets automatic detection in nature background. Firstly, an adaptive wavelet thresholding method is used to denoise for noisy target images. Then minimum(More)
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