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Primary adenocarcinoma of the vulva of the cloacogenic type is extremely rare. We report the case of a 49-year-old patient with a 6-year history of recurrent left Bartholin's gland infection and a 1-year history of an ulcerated tumor on the similar lower aspect of the left labium majus. Fine needle biopsy revealed adenocarcinoma and wide local excision with(More)
Uterine adenomyosis was first reported in the 19(th) century and early 20(th) century; von Rokitansky described it in 1860. Since then, the general clinical, pathological, and radiologic findings and potentially useful management methods have been reviewed in many studies. Some authors commented that conservative surgical treatment is impracticable as it is(More)
Multipotent cells isolated from human term placenta (placenta-derived multipotent cells [PDMCs]) have been known to be able to differentiate into mesodermal lineage cells, including adipocytes and osteoclasts. The low infection rate and young age of placenta compared with other tissue origins of adult stem cells make theses cells attractive target for(More)
BACKGROUND Cesarean scar pregnancy complicated by placenta percreta and uterine rupture is an uncommon gynecologic emergency. CASE A woman presenting with abdominal pain and shock was found to have a cesarean scar pregnancy complicated by placenta percreta and uterine rupture. CONCLUSION Implantation within a cesarean scar may cause placenta percreta,(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was conducted to compare the efficacy of cryotop vitrification of human cleavage-stage embryos to that of conventional slow freezing of these embryos with respect to survival. A second objective was to compare the two cryopreservation techniques with respect to outcomes for a cohort of women. MATERIALS AND METHODS Cleavage-stage(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the relationship between serum P:E(2) ratio on the day of hCG administration and the clinical outcomes in infertile women with normal ovarian reserve treated with a long GnRH agonist (GnRH-a) protocol. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of IVF-embryo transfer data. SETTING University teaching hospital. PATIENT(S) One hundred(More)
The "gold standard" treatment for endometrial cancer is completely staged surgery, followed by radiation or chemotherapy, based on the final pathological surgical stage and requirements. In the primary treatment of endometrial cancers, hormones are rarely taken into consideration after primary surgery. Primary treatment with hormones to preserve fertility(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effects of standardized soy extract on climacteric symptoms, lipid profiles, bone markers, and serum isoflavone concentration in healthy Taiwanese postmenopausal women. MATERIALS AND METHODS A multicenter, open-labeled, randomized, prospective, comparative study design was used. A total of 130 outpatients who had undergone(More)
Human adipose-derived stem cells (hADSCs) were purified from a suspension of human adipose tissue cells (stromal vascular fraction) by the conventional culture method and by membrane filtration through polyurethane (PU) foam membranes. hADSCs can be obtained from a suspension of human adipose tissue cells using the membrane filtration method in less than 30(More)