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We have compared the levels of phosphoglycerate mutase (EC, 2,3-bisphosphoglycerate phosphatase (EC, creatine kinase (EC and enolase (EC activities and the distribution of their isoenzymes in normal breast tissue and in breast carcinoma. Tumour tissue had higher phosphoglycerate mutase and enolase activity than normal(More)
A dedicated B physics experiment is proposed for the Fermilab Tevatron p-¯ p Col-lider. The goal is to study the full range of physics associated with 10 10 produced B ¯ B pairs per year. This corresponds to a run of 10 7 sec at an average luminosity of 10 31 cm −2 sec −1 , with a σ B ¯ B ∼ 45 μbarns and a ratio of 1 B ¯ B pair/1000 inelastic events. Since(More)
Retrieving the vast amount of information carried by a photon is an enduring challenge in quantum metrology science and quantum photonics research. The transverse spatial state of a photon is a convenient high-dimensional quantum system for study, as it has a well-understood classical analog as the transverse complex field profile of an optical beam. One(More)
A lower limit is set on the B 0 s meson oscillation parameter m s using data collected from 1991 to 1994 by the ALEPH detector. Events with a high transverse momentum lepton and a reconstructed secondary vertex are used. The high transverse momentum leptons are produced mainly by b hadron decays, and the sign of the lepton indicates the(More)
From approximately 3 million hadronic decays of Z bosons recorded with the aleph detector at lep, a sample of 410 32 B 0 ! D + ` ? ` candidates is selected, wherè is either an electron or a muon. The diierential decay rate d?(B 0 ! D + ` ? `)=d! from this sample is tted, yielding a value for the product of the CKM matrix element jV cb j and the(More)
Biological cluster of cells may be seen as porous media, where the cells are the " solid grains " and the extra-cellular space (ECS) the " pores ". It is often the case in dense clusters of cells that the flow rate of liquid inside the extracellular space is negligible in front of the molecular diffusion. In the particular case of tumoral cells, the(More)
Overview: In driving hES cell technology towards widespread applications considerable effort has been focused on the improvement of culture conditions and on enabling efficient differentiation. We have established two technologies which will better enable researchers to achieve these aims. The use of feeder based protocols for the creation, expansion and(More)
Executive Summary This Expression of Interest describes a physics program to collect and analyze a sample of > 10 12 B-¯ B pairs. The emphasis is on the study of CP violation in the Standard Model via direct measurements of CKM-matrix elements. This physics occurs at low transverse momentum and over a broad rapidity range, which complements the program of(More)
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