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Insulin hyperpolarizes plasma membranes; we tested whether insulin affects ventricular repolarization. In 35 healthy volunteers, we measured the Q-T interval during electrocardiographic monitoring in the resting state and in response to hyperinsulinemia (euglycemic 1-mU. min(-1). kg(-1) insulin clamp). A computerized algorithm was used to identify T waves;(More)
A number of available studies have focused on the role of mastocytes and their angiogenic factors, such as tryptase expression, in cancer growth as a major research objective. Cardiac myxoma is a rare neoplasia and is the most common primary tumor of the heart. The cellular elements of cardiac myxoma have an endothelial phenotype; however, its histo-genesis(More)
Primary vascular tumors of the lymph nodes other than Kaposi's sarcoma are rare. The present study describes the case of a primary hemangioendothelioma in a cervical lymph node in a patient treated for a carcinoma of the large bowel. Microscopically, the structure of the lymph node was completely substituted by tumoral proliferation, with an architectural(More)
Ventricular repolarization analysis allows extraction from the ECG signal of quantitative indexes (namely the QT interval), of prognostic value in unselected populations and cardiac patients, being related with arrhythmic risk. Several attempts to improve automatic ECG waveform detection have been accomplished, using signal derivatives, digital filtering,(More)
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