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Pentagastrin, histamine, urecholine, DBcAMP, and cGMP were all potent stimulants of acid secretion in the isolated stomach of the fed rat. With the exception of histamine and cGMP, all of these compounds were inactive when the stomach of the fasted rat was used. Pentagastrin was most effective when given on the serosal surface while histamine was equally(More)
Interpretation of studies designed to investigate the inhibitory action of vasopressin on gastric acid secretion has proven difficult, as the in vivo models are potentially susceptible to both direct (e.g. mucosal effects) and indirect effects (e.g. changes in mucosal blood flow). In the present series of experiments we studied vasopressin inhibition of(More)
As an alternative strategy to classical inactivated viral vaccine against FMDV, naked DNA vaccine is attractive because of safety, flexibility and low cost. However DNA vaccination is usually poorly efficient in target species. Indeed we found that naked DNA plasmids encoding for P1-2A3C3D and GM-CSF proteins did not induce any detectable immunity against(More)
Four standard diuretic compounds were evaluated for electrolyte output, effects on glomerular filtration rate (GFR), and effective renal plasma flow (RPF) in an anaesthetized rat preparation. Triamterene, hydrochlorothiazide, acetazoleamide and furosemide exerted their characteristic diuretic effects at doses which did not significantly change GFR or RPF.(More)