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Virtual Histology (VH) is a new medical imaging technique that allows the assessment of atherosclerotic plaque composition, a potential useful tool for the evaluation of individuals with coronary disease. Empirical observation has suggested that plaque areas adjacent to dense calcium (DC) are frequently coded as necrotic core (NC) in VH images. The main(More)
In-vivo atherosclerotic plaque composition has been currently assessed by means of techniques based on spectral analysis of backscattered intravascular ultrasonic signals. Conversely, conventional IVUS images are based only on amplitude envelope of ultrasonic signals, discarding some frequency information and, consequently, disabling tissue characterization(More)
The individualization of anticonvulsant therapy regimens can contribute to the implementation of appropriate carbamazepine (CBZ) maintenance doses in epileptic patients. An accurate method for the prediction of concentrations based on a determination of parameters and serum concentrations could be of clinical relevance in the management of epilepsy. In this(More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of our work was to define the kinetic profile of carbamazepine (CBZ), in order to improve on dosing schedules through a Bayesian approach. METHOD Carbamazepine dose/steady-state trough concentrations data pairs and associated information were collected retrospectively on a population of adult epileptic patients. RESULTS Fifty patients(More)
A multivariate standardization procedure was used to extend the lifetime of a multivariate partial least squares (PLS) calibration model for determining chromium in tanning sewage. The Kennard/Stone algorithm was used to select the transfer samples and the F-test was used to decide whether slope/bias correction (SBC) or piecewise direct standardization(More)
This paper analyses a strategy for ischemia detection based on wavelet decomposition of the ST segment. The wavelet transform is used as a pre-processing tool for linear discriminant classifier. In order to minimize generalization problems caused by correlations between the classification variables, a selection algorithm is employed to choose a subset of(More)
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