FJ Baudenbacher

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Recent experiments demonstrate that the concentration of Ca2+ in cytoplasm of Chara corallina internodal cells plays important role in electrical excitation of the plasma membrane. The concentration of free Ca2+ in the cytoplasm -[Ca2+]c is also sensitive to visible light. Both phenomena were simultaneously studied by noninvasive measuring action potential(More)
We have developed a scanning superconducting quantum interference device sSQUIDd microscope system with interchangeable sensor configurations for imaging magnetic fields of room-temperature sRTd samples with submillimeter resolution. The low-critical-temperature sTcd niobium-based monolithic SQUID sensors are mounted on the tip of a sapphire and thermally(More)
We have investigated the capacitance of grain boundary Josephson junctions deposited on symmetric 24o misoriented SrTiO3 bicrystal substrates using hysteresis and Fiske resonances in their current voltage characteristics. Our measurements show that the total junction capacitance is proportional to the junction area. The capacitance per unit area is(More)
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