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OBJECTIVE The goal of enhanced nutrition in critically ill patients is to improve outcome by reducing lean tissue wasting. However, such effect has not been proven. This study aimed to assess the effect of early administration of parenteral nutrition on muscle volume and composition by repeated quantitative CT. DESIGN A preplanned substudy of a randomized(More)
Prolonged critical illness is hallmarked by striking alterations in the somatrope, thyrotrope, and lactotrope axes, the severity of which is associated with the risk of morbidity and mortality. The exact role of the pituitary gland in these alterations is unknown. We studied the impact of sustained critical illness on pituitary morphology and hormone(More)
Introduction Acute Kidney Injury (AKI) is associated with increased morbidity and mortality in critically ill patients [1]. Early detection and treatment may improve outcome. Previously, we developed a logistic regression (LR) model for early detection of AKI based on routinely collected data available at baseline, ICU admission and at the end of the first(More)
Introduction Phthalates are chemical additives incorporated in PVCbased materials to make them more pliable. Intensive care management, especially in the pediatric setting, relies heavily on the use of soft and flexible indwelling medical devices. As phthalates are not chemically bound to these devices, they can leach during use [1,2]. Environmental(More)
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