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Keyboard acoustic emanations revisited
We examine the problem of keyboard acoustic emanations. We present a novel attack taking as input a 10-minute sound recording of a user typing English text using a keyboard, and then recovering up toExpand
Deep Metric Learning with Angular Loss
In this paper, we propose a novel angular loss, which takes angle relationship into account, for learning better similarity metric. Expand
The Association of Sport Performance with ACE and ACTN3 Genetic Polymorphisms: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Background Genetic polymorphism is suggested to be associated with human physical performance. The angiotensin I-converting enzyme insertion/deletion (ACE I/D) polymorphism and the α-actinin-3 geneExpand
Capriccio: scalable threads for internet services
We introduce linked stack management, which minimizes the amount of wasted stack space by providing safe, small, and non-contiguous stacks that can grow or shrink at run time. Expand
Time-Mapping Using Space-Time Saliency
We describe a new approach for generating regular-speed, low-frame-rate (LFR) video from a high-frame rate (HFR) input while preserving the important moments in the original. Expand
LDTS: A Lightweight and Dependable Trust System for Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks
We proposed a lightweight and dependable trust system (LDTS) for WSNs, which employ clustering algorithms. Expand
Embedding Label Structures for Fine-Grained Feature Representation
A multi-task deep learning framework is designed to effectively learn fine-grained feature representations by jointly optimizing both classification and similarity constraints. Expand
SafeDrive: safe and recoverable extensions using language-based techniques
We present SafeDrive, a system for detecting and recovering from type safety violations in software extensions. Expand
Cashmere: resilient anonymous routing
We propose Cashmere, a resilient anonymous routing layer built on a structured peer-to-peer overlay. Expand
Abscisic acid accumulation modulates auxin transport in the root tip to enhance proton secretion for maintaining root growth under moderate water stress.
Maintenance of root growth is essential for plant adaptation to soil drying. Here, we tested the hypothesis that auxin transport is involved in mediating ABA's modulation by activating protonExpand