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High molecular weight kininogen inhibits thrombin-induced platelet aggregation and cleavage of aggregin by inhibiting binding of thrombin to platelets.
In this study we show that high molecular weight kininogen (HK) inhibited alpha-thrombin-induced aggregation of human platelets in a dose-dependent manner with complete inhibition occurring at plasmaExpand
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9-Fluoreneacetyl-tagged, solid-phase reagent for derivatization in direct plasma injection.
We describe here a resin-based derivatization reagent, containing a 9-fluoreneacetyl tag on a controlled-pore substrate, for direct injection analysis of amphetamine in plasma. On-line, pre-columnExpand
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Thrombin-induced platelet aggregation involves an indirect proteolytic cleavage of aggregin by calpain.
5'-p-Fluorosulfonylbenzoyl adenosine (FSBA), a nucleotide analog of ADP, has been shown to inhibit ADP-induced shape change, aggregation and exposure of fibrinogen binding sites concomitant withExpand
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Cleavage of a 100 kDa membrane protein (aggregin) during thrombin-induced platelet aggregation is mediated by the high affinity thrombin receptors.
Thrombin-induced platelet aggregation is accompanied by cleavage of aggregin, a surface membrane protein (Mr = 100 kDa), and is mediated by the intracellular activation of calpain. We now find thatExpand
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Solid-phase derivatization of amino acids and peptides in high-performance liquid chromatography
Abstract This paper presents solid-phase derivatization of amino acids and peptides on a hydrophobic polymeric reagent. Using cationic surfactants as a basic pH
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Direct determination of adamantanamine in plasma and urine with automated solid phase derivatization.
A simple, highly sensitive and selective method is described for adamantanamine determination in plasma and urine by high-performance liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection. The methodExpand
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Silica based, solid phase reagents for derivatizations in chromatography
Abstract Silica based derivatization reagents in chromatographic separations are described. With such reagents, low molecular weight analytes are derivatized for sensitive detection. Silica based,Expand
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Solid-phase derivatization reactions for biomedical liquid chromatography.
Polymeric reagents have been developed for performing off- and on-line derivatizations of numerous organic analytes in HPLC-detection modes. Such reagents utilize ionic or covalent attachment ofExpand
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Plasmin-induced platelet aggregation is accompanied by cleavage of aggregin and indirectly mediated by calpain.
We recently reported that thrombin-induced platelet aggregation 1) is accompanied by cleavage of aggregin, a 100-kDa membrane protein and a putative ADP receptor, 2) is indirectly mediated byExpand
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Chiral drug analysis in biofluids by liquid chromatography
Abstract The direct analysis by chiral liquid chromatography of drug enantiomers in biofluids is complicated by lack of intrinsic sensitivity due to band broadening and the problems of contaminatingExpand
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