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A Simple Multivariate Filter for Estimating Potential Output
Estimates of potential output are an important ingredient of structured forecasting and policy analysis. Using information on consensus forecasts, this paper extends the multivariate filter developedExpand
The Effectiveness of Blended Learning in Health Professions: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Background Blended learning, defined as the combination of traditional face-to-face learning and asynchronous or synchronous e-learning, has grown rapidly and is now widely used in education.Expand
Firm Competitiveness and the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme
The European Union Emissions Trading Scheme is the first international cap-and-trade program for carbon dioxide and the largest carbon pricing regime in the world. A significant concern over theExpand
Inflation-Forecast Targeting for India: An Outline of the Analytical Framework
India formally adopted flexible inflation targeting (FIT) in June 2016 to place price stability, defined in terms of a target CPI inflation, as the primary objective of monetary policy. In thisExpand
End-of-Life vehicle recovery in china: Consideration and innovation following the EU ELV directive
Implementation of the EU’s end-of-life vehicle (ELV) directive eight years ago had a profound influence on China’s automotive industry, leading to the consideration of concepts such as extendedExpand
Exploring shadow prices of carbon emissions at provincial levels in China
Abstract Since carbon emissions are considered to contribute the lion's share in global warming, extensive studies have been devoted to measuring the carbon emissions abatement cost in various ways.Expand
The value of restoring urban drains to living streams
Many urban streams have been cleared of native vegetation and converted to open drains resulting in a loss of ecological and aesthetic function. There is a growing recognition of the importance ofExpand
Design Choices for Central Bank Digital Currency: Policy and Technical Considerations
We enumerate the fundamental technical design challenges facing CBDC designers, with a particular focus on performance, privacy, and security. Expand
Can solar panels leapfrog power grids? The World Bank experience 1992–2009
Solar photovoltaic systems promise both rural access to electricity and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions. During 1992–2009, the World Bank contributed US$790 million to promote the uptake ofExpand
Quarterly Projection Model for India: Key Elements and Properties
This paper outlines the key features of the production version of the quarterly projection model (QPM), which is a forward-looking open-economy gap model, calibrated to represent the Indian case, forExpand