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Preparation of Monodisperse and Anion‐Charged Polystyrene Microspheres Stabilized with Polymerizable Sodium Styrene Sulfonate by Dispersion Polymerization
A novel dispersion polymerization system to produce "clean" polystyrene (PS) particles, using a polymerizable sodium styrene sulfonate (NaSS) as stabilizer, and a mixture of methanol/ water (MeOH/H 2Expand
Characterization of a Cathelicidin from the Colubrinae Snake, Sinonatrix annularis
The identification and characterization of a novel cathelicidin, SA-CATH, from the Colubrinae family snake, Sinonatrix annularis, and its potent antimicrobial, biofilm inhibitory, anti-inflammatory and slight cytotoxic activities imply that it is a potential drug candidate in novel antimicrobial agent development. Expand
Synthesis and characterization of pH-sensitivity semi-IPN hydrogel based on hydrogen bond between poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone) and poly(acrylic acid)
Abstract A novel spherically shaped semi-interpenetrating network (semi-IPN) hydrogel, which is based on hydrogen bond between chemical crosslinked poly( N -vinylpyrrolidone) (PVP) and linearExpand
A three-dimensional DNAzyme motor for sensitive imaging of telomerase activity in living cells
Abstract Telomerase has been recognized as one of the common tumor markers since it has a high level in most tumor cells. Here, we construct a gold nanoparticle (AuNP)-based three-dimensional DNAzymeExpand
In situ preparation of Bi2S3 nanoribbon-anchored BiVO4 nanoscroll heterostructures for the catalysis of Cr(VI) photoreduction
Novel BiVO4/Bi2S3 heterostructures were fabricated simply by growing Bi2S3 nanoribbons on the surface of BiVO4 nanoscrolls, in situ, using pre-synthesized BiVO4 and bismuth(III)Expand
Lead titanate nanotubes synthesized via ion-exchange method: Characteristics and formation mechanism
Abstract A two-step method is presented for the synthesis of one dimensional lead titanate (PbTi 3 O 7 ) nanotubes. Firstly, titanate nanotubes were prepared by an alkaline hydrothermal process withExpand
Divergent Total Syntheses of Six Ganoderma Meroterpenoids: A Bioinspired Two-Phase Strategy
We briefly highlight our recent work on the total synthesis of six Ganoderma phenolic meroterpenoids: ganocins A–C, ganocochlearins A–D, and cochlearol T. Critical to this success was a bioinspiredExpand
Modules of highest weight type for the algebra of derivations over a rational quantum torus
For the Lie algebra of derivations over a rational quantum torus, we construct a class of irreducible weight modules with all finite dimensional weight spaces, which are called the modules of highestExpand
The construction of two lanthanide coordination polymers based on 5-hydroxyisophthalate and bipyridine
Two lanthanide coordination polymers, [Tm2·(5-IPA)4·(2,2′-Hbipy)2]·3H2O (1, 5-H2IPA = 5-hydroxyisophthalic acid, 2,2′-bipy = 2,2′-bipyridine) and [Er·(5-HIPA)3·(4,4′-bipy)3·(H2O)2]·3H2O (2, 4,4′-bipyExpand