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The Fragmentation of Global Governance Architectures: A Framework for Analysis
Most research on global governance has focused either on theoretical accounts of the overall phenomenon or on empirical studies of distinct institutions that serve to solve particular governanceExpand
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Global Climate Governance Beyond 2012. Architecture, Agency and Adaptation
List of contributors Preface List of abbreviations 1. Global climate governance beyond 2010: an introduction Frank Biermann, Philipp Pattberg and Fariborz Zelli Part I. Architecture: 2. TheExpand
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Connect the dots: managing the fragmentation of global climate governance
The debate about post-2012 global climate governance has been framed largely by proponents and opponents of the policymaking process established by the United Nations Framework Convention on ClimateExpand
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Technologies for adaptation to climate change
f o r a d a p T a T i o n T o c l i m a T e c h a n g e Unfccc (2006) Technologies for AdApTATion To climATe chAnge issued by the climate change secretariat (Unfccc) Bonn, germany produced byExpand
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The World Trade Organization. Free Trade and Its Environmental Impacts
I will start out with an overview of common assumptions on the impact of free trade on the environment – assumptions which, very much like the first part of Lamy’s statement, are all-encompassing andExpand
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Legitimacy and Accountability in Polycentric Climate Governance
Polycentricity is characterised by institutional fragmentation as well as a new quality of interdependence where non-state and state actors are both regulators and regulated. This complexity raisesExpand
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Governance for REDD+, forest management and biodiversity: existing approaches and future options
This chapter examines the evolution of REDD+ governance and identifies policy options to increase synergies among REDD+, the sustainable management of forests and biodiversity conservation. REDD+Expand
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