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Marine Biodiversity in the Caribbean: Regional Estimates and Distribution Patterns
This paper provides an analysis of the distribution patterns of marine biodiversity and summarizes the major activities of the Census of Marine Life program in the Caribbean region. The coastalExpand
Areas coralinas de Colombia
Mid-domain models of species richness gradients: assumptions, methods and evidence.
Patterns of species richness along latitudinal, elevational and depth gradients often exhibit a mid-gradient peak. Similar patterns with a mid-domain peak in richness are produced, as a result ofExpand
Global Human Footprint on the Linkage between Biodiversity and Ecosystem Functioning in Reef Fishes
A global survey of reef fishes shows that the consequences of biodiversity loss are greater than previously anticipated as ecosystem functioning remained unsaturated with the addition of new species.Expand
Eastern Pacific Coral Reef Provinces, Coral Community Structure and Composition: An Overview
Advances in our knowledge of eastern tropical Pacific (ETP) coral reef biogeography and ecology during the past two decades are briefly reviewed. Fifteen ETP subregions are recognized, includingExpand
ORIGINAL ARTICLE: How many species of shore fishes are there in the Tropical Eastern Pacific?
Aim  To assess whether the total richness of the shore-fish fauna of a discrete biogeographical region can be predicted, and to estimate how long it is likely to take to enumerate that fauna. Expand
Variation in reef fish and invertebrate communities with level of protection from fishing across the Eastern Tropical Pacific seascape
Aim To quantify general differences in reef community structure between well enforced and poorly enforced marine protected areas (MPAs) and fished sites across the Eastern Tropical Pacific (ETP)Expand
Marine Biodiversity of Eastern Tropical Pacific Coral Reefs
The eastern tropical Pacific (ETP) is an isolated oceanic region exposed to extreme oceanographic conditions, including low salinity, low pH, high temperatures during El Nino, and low temperaturesExpand
Pelagic larval duration and geographic distribution of tropical eastern Pacific snappers (Pisces : Lutjanidae)
To test the hypothesis that pelagic larval dura- tion (PLD) plays a role in the longitudinal dispersal of reef fishes, we examined the relationship between PLD and occu- pancy of oceanic islandsExpand
Mid-term coral-algal dynamics and conservation status of a Gorgona Island (Tropical Eastern Pacific) coral reef.
Colombian coral reefs, as other reefs worldwide, have deteriorated significantly during the last few decades due to both natural and anthropogenic disturbances. The National Monitoring System forExpand