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Analyst Coverage and Earnings Management
What is the role of information intermediaries in corporate governance? This paper examines equity analysts' influence on managers' earnings management decisions. Do analysts serve as externalExpand
Shaped by Their Daughters: Executives, Female Socialization, and Corporate Social Responsibility
Corporate executives managing some of the largest public companies in the U.S. are shaped by their daughters. When a firm’s chief executive officer (CEO) has a daughter, the corporate socialExpand
Corporate Lobbying and Fraud Detection
  • F. Yu, X. Yu
  • Business
  • Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis
  • 9 June 2010
Abstract This paper examines the relation between corporate lobbying and fraud detection. Using data on corporate lobbying expenses between 1998 and 2004, and a sample of large frauds detected duringExpand
Medium Maximization
A medium - for example, points or money - is a token people receive as the immediate reward of their effort.It has no value in and of itself, but it can be traded for a desired outcome. ExperimentsExpand
When Nudges are Forever: Inertia in the Swedish Premium Pension Plan
To inform economists and policymakers about whether the effects of nudges are persistent in one specific context, we study the choice architecture of the Swedish Premium Pension Plan. The data weExpand
Value versus Growth Investing: Why Do Different Investors Have Different Styles?
We find that several factors explain an individual investor's style, i.e., the value versus growth orientation of the investor's stock portfolio. First, we find that an investor's style has aExpand
Wind modelling, validation and sensitivity study using Weather Research and Forecasting model in complex terrain
A physically-based wind model is applied to determine wind speed and direction and to conduct a model sensitivity analysis. Expand
Lay Rationalism and Inconsistency between Predicted Experience and Decision
Decision-makers are sometimes depicted as impulsive and overly influenced by hot,affective factors. The present research suggests that decision-makers may be too cold and overly focus onExpand
Does Investment Skill Decline due to Cognitive Aging or Improve with Experience
This study examines whether cognitive aging adversely affects the stock investment decisions of older individual investors. Motivated by the evidence from psychological and learning research, weExpand
A Portal Framework Architecture for Building Healthcare Web-based Applications
We present concrete solutions for specific portal applications integrating EHR, PHR, care and disease management The integration of healthcare systems and data is a major challenge. Expand