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Induction of Interferons (IFNs) and Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF) in Mice by a Novel Glycolipid Trehalose 2,3,6′‐Trimycolate from Rhodococcus aurantiacus (Gordona aurantiaca)
The immunomodifying activity of a novel mycoloyl glycolipid, trehalose 2,3,6′‐trimycolate (GaGM), from a unique psychrophilic acid‐fast bacterium, Rhodococcus aurantiacus, was examined. ICR mice wereExpand
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Air exposure promotes fibroblast growth with increased expression of mitogen-activated protein kinase cascade.
Subepithelial tissue cell types in vivo are separated from air by the surface-covering epithelial layer of various organs, e.g., the skin, cornea, and respiratory and upper alimentary tracts. TheExpand
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[Granuloma formation in mice by liposomes of new glycolipid containing mycolic acids, "trehalose 2,3,6'-trimycolate"].
After intravenous administration of liposomes containing a novel glycolipid, trehalose 2,3,6'-trimycolate, isolated from Rhodococcus aurantiacus, the granuloma formation was observed distinctively inExpand
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