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The mechanisms of change in the treatment of borderline personality disorder with transference focused psychotherapy.
We address how Transference Focused Psychotherapy (TFP) conceptualizes mechanisms in the cause and maintenance of borderline personality disorder (BPD) as well as change mechanisms both within theExpand
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Psychotherapy for borderline personality : focusing on object relations
Preface. The nature of borderline personality organization. Treatment of borderline pathology: the strategies of transference-focused psychotherapy. Techniques of treatment: the moment-to-momentExpand
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Psychotherapy for Borderline Personality
INGREDIENTS OF TRANSFERENCE--FOCUSED PSYCHOTHERAPY. Introduction to Transference--Focused Psychotherapy. Strategies of Treatment: The Broad Strokes. Tactics of Treatment: Position from Which theExpand
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Narcissistic personality disorder: diagnostic and clinical challenges.
“Mr. A” is a 42-year-old married man presenting to a private-practice psychotherapist complaining of problemswithhiswife.He is a successful entrepreneur, highly competitive, who describes enjoyingExpand
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Transference focused psychotherapy: Overview and update
This paper describes a specific psychoanalytic psychotherapy for patients with severe personality disorders, its technical approach and specific research projects establishing empirical evidenceExpand
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Factors Related to Drop-outs by Borderline Patients : Treatment Contract and Therapeutic Alliance.
High patient drop-out rates have traditionally interfered with both treatment and study of patients with borderline personality disorder (BPD). The authors tested hypotheses that an adequateExpand
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An object relations model of borderline pathology.
Borderline personality disorder (BPD) has attracted extensive clinical theorizing and considerable research effort, however the definitive etiology and pathogenesis of BPD remain relatively opaqueExpand
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Borderline personality disorder, bipolar disorder, depression, attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder, and narcissistic personality disorder: Practical differential diagnosis.
The challenge of accurate diagnosis remains at the heart of good psychiatric treatment. In the current state of psychiatry, a confluence of forces has increased this challenge for the clinician.Expand
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