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Generalized q-Sampling Imaging
Based on the Fourier transform relation between diffusion magnetic resonance (MR) signals and the underlying diffusion displacement, a new relation is derived to estimate the spin distributionExpand
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NTU-90: A high angular resolution brain atlas constructed by q-space diffeomorphic reconstruction
We present a high angular resolution brain atlas constructed by averaging 90 diffusion spectrum imaging (DSI) datasets in the ICBM-152 space. The spatial normalization of the diffusion informationExpand
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Quantification of increased cellularity during inflammatory demyelination.
Multiple sclerosis is characterized by inflammatory demyelination and irreversible axonal injury leading to permanent neurological disabilities. Diffusion tensor imaging demonstrates an improvedExpand
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Estimation of fiber orientation and spin density distribution by diffusion deconvolution
A diffusion deconvolution method is proposed to apply deconvolution to the diffusion orientation distribution function (dODF) and calculate the fiber orientation distribution function (fODF), whichExpand
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Rethinking the role of the middle longitudinal fascicle in language and auditory pathways.
The middle longitudinal fascicle (MdLF) was originally described in the monkey brain as a pathway that interconnects the superior temporal and angular gyri. Only recently have diffusion tensorExpand
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Subcomponents and connectivity of the superior longitudinal fasciculus in the human brain
The subcomponents of the human superior longitudinal fasciculus (SLF) are disputed. The objective of this study was to investigate the segments, connectivity and asymmetry of the SLF. We performedExpand
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Connectometry: A statistical approach harnessing the analytical potential of the local connectome
Here we introduce the concept of the local connectome: the degree of connectivity between adjacent voxels within a white matter fascicle defined by the density of the diffusing spins. While mostExpand
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High-definition fiber tractography of the human brain: neuroanatomical validation and neurosurgical applications.
BACKGROUND High-definition fiber tracking (HDFT) is a novel combination of processing, reconstruction, and tractography methods that can track white matter fibers from cortex, through complex fiberExpand
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Lead-DBS v2: Towards a comprehensive pipeline for deep brain stimulation imaging
&NA; Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a highly efficacious treatment option for movement disorders and a growing number of other indications are investigated in clinical trials. To ensure optimalExpand
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Sparse Solution of Fiber Orientation Distribution Function by Diffusion Decomposition
Fiber orientation is the key information in diffusion tractography. Several deconvolution methods have been proposed to obtain fiber orientations by estimating a fiber orientation distributionExpand
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