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Principles of Economics
ECONOMICS admit of being reduced to principles more than other sciences dealing with human actions, for the reason which Prof. Marshall has thus expressed: “Wide as are the interests of which theExpand
Natural Inheritance
IT is related that, when some boastful patriot was once describing the trees in his country as so high that a man could hardly see their tops, a stranger retorted “That is nothing to the trees in myExpand
The Mathematical Theory of Political Economy
AbstractTHE appearance of a new and enlarged edition affords us a wished-for opportunity of calling attention to this original work. Its author is one of the favoured few to whom belongs the honourExpand
The Method of Political Economy
MR. KEYNES is known to the philosophical world as the author of what is in some respects the best treatise on a subject which has occupied the acutest intellects for above two thousand years—to wit,Expand
The Mathematical Method in Political Economy
THE usefulness of mathematical reasoning applied to political economy, the value of the methods originated by Cournot and developed by Jevons, may be said to be still sub judice. The consideration ofExpand
Elements of Economics of Industry
THE nomenclature of this work reminds us of the ancient custom according to which the alternate generations of a family were named alike. As the son of Hipponicus was called, not after Hipponicus,Expand
The Theory of Interest
PROF. SMART shares with Mr. James Bonar the honour of introducing to the English public a leader of the important Austrian school of economists. Mr. Bonar, in the Quarterly Journal of Economics,Expand
The Growth of Capital
THE popular conception of what statistics are is happily caricatured by a contemporary novelist, who describes an adept in that science stationing himself early in the morning at the entrance to aExpand