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High-Mass Protostellar Candidates. II. Density Structure from Dust Continuum and CS Emission
We present a detailed 1.2 mm continuum and CS spectral line study of a large sample of 69 massive star forming regions in very early stages of evolution, most of them prior to building up anExpand
Massive molecular outflows
With the aim of understanding the role of massive outflows in high-mass star formation, we mapped in the 12 CO $J=2-1$ transition 26 high-mass star-forming regions at very early stages of theirExpand
High-Mass Protostellar Candidates. I. The Sample and Initial Results
We describe a systematic program aimed at identifying and characterizing candidate high-mass protostellar objects (HMPOs). Our candidate sample consists of 69 objects selected by criteria based onExpand
A gallery of bubbles. The nature of the bubbles observed by Spitzer and what ATLASGAL tells us about the surrounding neutral material
Context. This study deals with infrared bubbles, the H ii regions they enclose, and triggered massive-star formation on their borders. Aims: We attempt to determine the nature of the bubbles observedExpand
Ammonia in infrared dark clouds
Context. While low mass clouds have been relatively well studied, our picture of high-mass star formation remains unclear. Infrared Dark Clouds appear to be the long sought population of cold andExpand
ATLASGAL — towards a complete sample of massive star forming clumps ⋆
By matching infrared-selected, massive young stellar objects (MYSOs) and compact HII regions in the RMS survey to massive clumps found in the submillimetre ATLASGAL survey, we have identified ∼1000Expand
CH3OH and H2O masers in high-mass star-forming regions
We present a comparison of Class ii CH3OH (6.7 GHz) and H2O (22.2 GHz) masers at high spatial resolution in a sample of 29 massive star-forming regions. Absolute positions of both maser types areExpand
ATLASGAL – environments of 6.7 GHz methanol masers
Using the 870 μm APEX Telescope large area survey of the Galaxy, we have identified 577 submillimetre continuum sources with masers from the methanol multibeam survey in the region 280° 20 M.Expand
Ammonia from cold high-mass clumps discovered in the inner Galactic disk by the ATLASGAL survey
The APEX Telescope Large Area Survey: The Galaxy (ATLASGAL) is an unbiased continuum survey of the inner Galactic disk at 870 \mu m. It covers +/- 60 deg in Galactic longitude and aims to find allExpand
High-Mass Starless Cores
We report the identification of a sample of potential high-mass starless cores (HMSCs). The cores were discovered by comparing images of fields containing candidate high-mass protostellar objectsExpand