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NO and N2O formation during the combustion of wood, straw, malt waste and peat
Abstract The NO and N 2 O formation behavior of six biofuels (spruce wood, beech wood, alder wood, straw, malt waste, peat) was studied in a formation-rate unit under conditions relevant to aExpand
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Laser ignition of methane--air mixtures at high pressures
Abstract Laser induced plasma ignition of methane–air mixtures at initial pressures up to 4 MPa was investigated experimentally using nanosecond Nd:YAG-laser pulses at 1064, 532 and 355 nm.Expand
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Laser ignition of ultra-lean methane/hydrogen/air mixtures at high temperature and pressure
Abstract Laser-induced spark ignition of lean methane–hydrogen–air mixtures and multi-point laser-induced spark ignition of hydrogen–air mixtures were investigated using a Q-switched Nd:YAG laser atExpand
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Application of laser ignition to hydrogen–air mixtures at high pressures
Abstract To optimise combustion in a wide field of applications, lasers represent attractive future alternative ignition sources, especially for internal combustion engines. Experiments were carriedExpand
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Decomposition of nitrous oxide at medium temperatures
Flow reactor experiments were done to study the decomposition of N{sub 2}O at atmospheric pressure and in a temperature range of 600--1,000 C. Dilute mixtures of N{sub 2}O with H{sub 2}, CH{sub 4},Expand
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The NO and N2O formation mechanism during devolatilization and char combustion under fluidized-bed conditions
In an exclusively electrically heated, laboratory-scale, fluidized-bed compustor (MM-FBC) made of quartz glass, the formation rates of NO, N 2 O, and HCN are studied by using a high performance FT-IRExpand
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Demonstration of methane spectroscopy using a vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser at 1.68 µm with up to 5 MHz repetition rate
An electrically pumped InP-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser (VCSEL) emitting at 1.685 µm (5935 cm−1) was used to probe rovibrational transitions of methane in the 2ν3 band at pressuresExpand
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Reducing Ability of CO and H2 of Gases Formed in the Lower Part of the Blast Furnace by Gas and Oil Injection
Gases formed in the raceway by injection of reducing agents into the tuyere affect the blast furnace process in several ways. Energy set free by conversion in the raceway helps the melting of theExpand
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Spektroskopischer Einsatz neuer langwelliger (bis 2 μm) Diodenlaser (VCSEL) für schwierige Bedingungen (Spectroscopic Application of Long-Wavelength (< 2 μm) VCSEL Diode Lasers)
Abstract Oberflächenemittierende Diodenlaser (engl. VCSEL, Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser) werden zur raschen direkten In-situ-Molekülspektroskopie eingesetzt. Nach dem Verfahren derExpand
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Reduction behavior of hematite to magnetite under fluidized bed conditions
Reduction kinetic tests of Mt. Newman hematite ore from Western Australia were carried out in a laboratory-scale fluidized bed reactor at temperatures from 623 to 873 K and an absolute pressure of 10Expand
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