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A comparison between different propagative schemes for the simulation of tapered step index slab waveguides
The performance and accuracy of a number of propagative algorithms are compared for the simulation of tapered high contrast step index slab waveguides. The considered methods include paraxial as wellExpand
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Epidemics of diseases and pests of winter wheat at different levels of agrochemical input : a study on the possibilities for designing an integrated cropping system
A study to what extent the level of fertilization effects epidemics of pests and diseases, compared to the well-known effects of pesticides and cultivars
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Discovery of selective and orally available spiro-3-piperidyl ATP-competitive MK2 inhibitors.
The identification of a potent, selective, and orally available MK2 inhibitor series is described. The initial absence of oral bioavailability was successfully tackled by moving the basic nitrogen ofExpand
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Nutrient surpluses on integrated arable farms
Abstract From 1990 to 1993 nutrient fluxes were monitored on 38 private arable farms that had adopted farming strategies aiming at reduced nutrient inputs and substitution of mineral fertilizers byExpand
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Integrated crop protection and environment exposure to pesticides: methods to reduce use and impact of pesticides in arable farming
  • F. Wijnands
  • Environmental Science, Biology
  • 1 September 1997
Prototypes of Integrated Farming Systems for arable farming are being developed in the Netherlands based on a coherent methodology elaborated in an European Union concerted action. The role of cropExpand
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Prototyping and farm system modelling--Partners on the road towards more sustainable farm systems
Farm system modelling and prototyping are two research methods proposed to enhance the process of developing sustainable farm systems. Expand
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Region-wise development of prototypes of integrated arable farming and outdoor horticulture
In the Netherlands integrated arable farming systems (IFS) are being developed at three regional experimental farms, with region-specific crop rotations and cropping systems. Most pesticide andExpand
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An evaluation of the crop-physiological and epidemiological information in EPIPRE
EPIPRE is an integrated pest and disease management system for wheat based on on-line calculations of costs and benefits of pesticide treatments. It is field-specific and utilizes disease and pestExpand
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