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Shallow-water sponges of the western Bahamas
This work has shown clear trends incific variability and speciation in sponges of Bahamian origin, and these trends are consistent with those seen in previous studies of these species. Expand
Intraspecific variability and speciation in sponges
The definition of the sponge individual was debated and a mass of sponge substance bounded by a continuous pinacoderm was found in Borojevic, Fry et al. Expand
Problems in Biostratigraphy and Taxonomy of Middle Liassic Ammonites of Alpine-Mediterranean Province: ABSTRACT
The zonation of the Lias (Lower Jurassic) of the Northwest European ammonite province has been worked out in great detail and is based on very careful collecting from representative sections. ItExpand
Previous literature on Bahamian sponges
An almost indispensable introduction to the study of West Indian sponges is de Laubenfels’ brief guide (1953b), chiefly because of its annotated bibliography. The concise introduction into theExpand
Taxonomic procedure, nomenclature
Taxa above family rank, not governed by the rules of zoological nomenclature, are provided with short references to date, authorship, and emendations. This is done in the taxonomic headings,Expand