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Carbacyclin--a potent stable prostacyclin analogue for the inhibition of platelet aggregation.
Carbacyclin is a chemically stable analogue of prostacyclin. As an inhibitor of platelet aggregation induced by ADP or collagen in vitro, carbacyclin is 0.03 times as active as prostacyclin in human,Expand
Tocopherol, Carotenoid and Vitamin A Content of the Milk Fat and the Resistance of Milk to the Development of Oxidized Flavors as Influenced by Breed and Season
Summary The tocopherol, carotenoid and vitamin A content of cow's milk was determined for Holstein, Guernsey, Brown Swiss and Jersey cows during both pasture and barn feeding. Large variations wereExpand
Partial Replacement of Alfalfa Hay with Chopped Wheat Straw in Diets for Lactating Dairy Cows
Abstract Two trials were conducted to determine the effect of substituting chopped wheat straw (untreated or ammoniated) for part of the alfalfa hay in rations for lactating dairy cows. As fed, allExpand
Free amino acid ratios in rumen fluid, blood plasma, milk, and feces during methionine and methionine hydroxy analog supplementary feeding.
Abstract Free amino acid ratios in rumen fluid, blood plasma, milk, and feces of lactating dairy cows were studied following the feeding of four experimental concentrates: A, basal; B. basal plusExpand
Contamination of milk from different routes of animal exposure to DDT.
Abstract The level of DDT [2,2-bis(p-chlorophenyl)-1,1,1-trichloroethane] and its metabolites was determined in milk of cows treated at the same dosage both for one day and for six consecutive daysExpand
Secretion of DDT in milk by fresh cows
Environmental contamination of animal feed by pesticides applied onto nearby crops is considered to be the major source of pesticide residues found in milk. However, examination of the pesticideExpand
Amino and organic acids of the prickly pear cactus (Opuntia ficus indica L.)
The amino acids of prickly pear (Opuntia ficus indica L.) proteins, free amino acids and nonvolatile organic acids were determined on fresh and lyophilised young pads. The calculated biological valueExpand
Silica Urolithiasis In Beef Cattle: I. Observation On Its Occurrence.
Urolithiasis is the term used to denote the formation of urinary calculi in animals including disease conditions that arise as a direct result. The terms urinary calculus and urolith on the otherExpand
The Relationship of the Prepartum Diet to the Carotene and Vitamin A Content of Bovine Colostrum
Summary A study has been made of the relationship of the prepartum diet to the vitamin A and carotene content of bovine colostrum. Four different rations were fed to 29 Holstein and 4 GuernseyExpand