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Viscous Fluid Flow
1 Preliminary Concepts 2 Fundamental Equations of Compressible Viscous Flow 3 Solutions of the Newtonian Viscous-Flow Equations 4 Laminar Boundary Layers 5 The Stability of Laminar Flows 6Expand
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An Album of Fluid Motion
Keywords: visualisation de l'ecoulement ; tourbillon ; dynamique des : fluides ; aubes ; cylindre ; instabilite ; ecoulement : secondaire Note: moult photos Reference Record created on 2005-11-18,Expand
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Editorial Policy Statement on the Control of Numerical Accuracy
A professional problem exists in the computational fluid dynamics community and also in the broader area of com­ putational physics. Namely, there is a need for higher stan­ dards on the control ofExpand
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Theoretical Estimates of the Various Mechanisms Involved in Iceberg Deterioration in the Open Ocean Environment.
Theoretical estimates are developed for a variety of mechanisms for the deterioration of icebergs in the open ocean environment. Although all the estimates are of an elementary nature, primarilyExpand
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Fluid Mechanics (7th edition in SI Units)
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Experiments on Transition to Turbulence in a Constant-Acceleration Pipe Flow
Experiments were conducted to study transition to turbulence in pipe flows started from rest with a linear increase in mean velocity. The data were taken at the Unsteady Flow Loop Facility at theExpand
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A New Low-Reynolds-Number k-ε Model for Turbulent Flow Over Smooth and Rough Surfaces
A new low-Reynolds-number k-e model is proposed to simulate turbulent flow over smooth and rough surfaces by including the equivalent sand-grain roughness height into the model functions. TheExpand
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Fluid mechanics / Frank M. White
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