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A theoretical and experimental investigation of the tagging efficiency of pseudocontinuous arterial spin labeling.
Arterial spin labeling (ASL) is capable of noninvasively measuring blood flow by magnetically tagging the protons in arterial blood, which has been conventionally achieved using instantaneous (PASL)Expand
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MRI Estimation of Global Brain Oxygen Consumption Rate
Journal of Cerebral Blood Flow & Metabolism (2010) 30, 1598–1607; doi:10.1038/jcbfm.2010.49; published online 21 April 2010 Following the publication of this issue, the editors noticed that the coverExpand
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Direct magnetic resonance detection of myelin and prospects for quantitative imaging of myelin density
Magnetic resonance imaging has previously demonstrated its potential for indirectly mapping myelin density, either by relaxometric detection of myelin water or magnetization transfer. Here, weExpand
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Role of Magnetic Resonance for Assessing Structure and Function of Trabecular Bone
The strength of trabecular bone and its resistance to fracture traditionally have been associated with apparent density. This paradigm assumes that neither the ultrastructural nor microstructuralExpand
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MR susceptometry for measuring global brain oxygen extraction.
Monitoring of oxygen saturation in jugular venous blood gives an estimate of the balance of global oxygen delivery and cerebral oxygen consumption. We present a noninvasive approach to measure oxygenExpand
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Cerebral Oxygen Metabolism in Neonates with Congenital Heart Disease Quantified by MRI and Optics
Neonatal congenital heart disease (CHD) is associated with altered cerebral hemodynamics and increased risk of brain injury. Two novel noninvasive techniques, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) andExpand
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Cross-sectional study of osteopenia with quantitative MR imaging and bone densitometry.
PURPOSE To evaluation the cancellous bone-induced intravoxel spin dephasing rate (R2') and its relationship to bone mineral density and marrow fat and to examine these parameters as predictors ofExpand
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Fuzzy Distance Transform: Theory, Algorithms, and Applications
This paper describes the theory and algorithms of distance transform for fuzzy subsets, called fuzzy distance transform (FDT). The notion of fuzzy distance is formulated by first defining the lengthExpand
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Quantifying axon diameter and intra-cellular volume fraction in excised mouse spinal cord with q-space imaging
Q-space magnetic resonance imaging (QSI) can quantify white matter (WM) axonal architecture at the cellular level non-destructively, unlike histology, but currently has several limitations. First,Expand
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Intratendinous strain fields of the intact supraspinatus tendon: the effect of glenohumeral joint position and tendon region.
Rotator cuff tears are a common shoulder pathology and are hypothesized to relate to excessive tissue deformation. Few data exist, however, describing deformation of the rotator cuff as an intact,Expand
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