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Capability Index Using Principal Components Analysis
Multivariate process capability indices have recently been developed to assess the capability of processes having multiple characteristics. When quality variables are related characteristics,Expand
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The Burr XII Distribution in Reliability Analysis
The Burr XII distribution is similar to the log-normal distribution in that ithas a non-monotone hazard function which can accommodate many shapes of hazard. However, the Burr distribution has theExpand
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Comparison of Three Multivariate Process Capability Indices
Process capability analysis often entails characterizing or assessing processes or products based on more than one engineering specification or quality characteristic. When these variables areExpand
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Process-oriented basis representation for a multivariate gauge study
We found that the POBREP method outperforms other methods such as the principal component analysis and univariate methods for identify the causes of production problems. Expand
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The best vendor selection for conducting the recycled material based on a hybrid MCDM model combining DANP with VIKOR
Abstract Environmentally conscious manufacturing and product recovery (ECMPRO) has become an obligation of manufacturers, and it has been extended to be the policy and strategy of businesses.Expand
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Applying Six-Sigma to Supplier Development
Supply chain management (SCM) adopts a systematic and integrative approach to managing the operations and relationships among different parties in supply chains. To implement SCM successfullyExpand
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Learning curve analysis in total productive maintenance
An apparatus which serves to control automatically the speed of a pump according to the temperature of the oil being pumped from a reservoir. Expand
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Applying collaborative transportation management models in global third-party logistics
With the trends of e-commerce and globalization occurring in the economy, an effective global supply chain (GSC) management has become a business necessity for a multinational corporation seeking to secure market share. Expand
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ABSTRACT The gauge repeatability and reproducibility (GR&R) study is typically conducted on a single quality characteristic. However, manufacturing tests in a GR&R study usually have multipleExpand
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Measuring production yield for processes with multiple quality characteristics
Process yield is an important criterion used in the manufacturing industry for measuring process performance. Methods for measuring yield for processes with single characteristic have beenExpand
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