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Purchasing pirated software: an initial examination of Chinese consumers
Purpose – To analyze Chinese consumers in purchasing pirated software; to establish and empirically validate a model for analyzing consumers in software piracy; and to help software companies
Does advertising create sustained firm value? The capitalization of brand intangible
This research inquires into the nature and degree of advertising effects on firm intangible values. Based on marketing research on consumer based brand equity, this paper challenges the prevailing
Software Piracy and Ethical Decision Making Behavior of Chinese Consumers
China has one of the highest software piracy rate in the world. It is important to understand consumers' ethical response to software piracy in the Chinese markets and design effective preventive
The Mechanism of Tourism Risk Perception in Severe Epidemic—The Antecedent Effect of Place Image Depicted in Anti-Epidemic Music Videos and the Moderating Effect of Visiting History
Tourism risk perception is proven to have significant influence on tourists’ decision-making behaviors, however, the impact of the place image depicted in the cultural media of destinations on it
Does one size fit all? A multispecies approach to regional landscape corridor planning
The practical value of the single‐species approach to conserve biodiversity could be minimal or negligible when sympatric species are limited by factors that are not relevant to the proposed umbrella
Worth thousands of words? Visual content analysis and photo interpretation of an outdoor tourism spectacular performance in Yangshuo-Guilin, China
Abstract An outdoor tourism spectacular performance transforms the landscape into a stage and community residents portray their cultural traditions against a background of nature, using the script of
Knowledge Creation in Marketing Based on Data Mining
Survival in a knowledge-based economy is derived from the ability to convert information to knowledge. To do so, researchers and managers are increasingly relying on the field of data mining. Data