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Modern research on macromolecular humus has revealed the binding capacity of this type of humus towards heavy metal ions. While humic substances are active in the freeing and uptake of such metalExpand
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Soil Fertility: A Biodynamical Approach
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The biological assessment of soil fertility
SummaryIn order to obtain an insight into the fertility state of a soil under different agricultural crops the intensity of the living dynamics in such soils together with their humus dynamics wereExpand
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The influence of the different members of a crop-rotation system on the biodynamics of soil
SummaryThe thought that a soil under prevailing climatic conditions receives the most significant impulse from its vegetational cover together with the biochemical activity of micro-organisms livingExpand
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The extraction and electrophoretic fractionation of soil humic substances
SummaryHumic substances were extracted with six different solvents (acetone, dioxane, ethanol, formic acid plus lithium bromide, sodium hydroxide plus stannous chloride and tris-EDTA boric-acidExpand
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Soil-Plant Interface in the Root-Hair Zone as a Unity of Opposites
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Some recent developments in biogeochemical research
Die theoretische Biogeochemie befasst sich hauptsachlich mit den Ursachen der Migration der Elemente aus den Ursprungs-Gesteinen in die Biosphare, die sowohl den terrestrischen als auch denExpand
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Humification of straw at different nitrogen levels followed by acriflavine adsorption and light absorption
SummaryHumic compounds isolated from decomposing wheat and rye straw, incubated for different periods with and without nitrogen added, were investigated for their acriflavine adsorption capacity andExpand