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Pleistocene Speciation in Birds living in the High Andes
THE South American Andes were brought to their present height by the final uplift phases of the late Pliocene and the Pleistocene1–6 and an alpine-like vegetation (locally called páramo or puna7–14)Expand
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Insular Biogeography in Continental Regions. I. The Northern Andes of South America
In order to test whether the theory of insular biogeography also applies to a continental situation, species diversity and endemism were studied among the birds living in islands of paramo vegetationExpand
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Barnacle Goose Branta leucopsis breeding in Franz Josef Land, Russia
Un couple de Bernaches nonnettes (Branta leucopsis) a ete decouvert nichant au Rocher Rubini, Baie Calme (Buchta Tikhaia), Ile Hooker (Ostrov Gukera), 80° 19,9' N, 52° 47,6'E, Terre (Archipel) deExpand
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Bird Species Diversity in Patagonia (Temperate South America)
In February-March 1965, I gathered data on bird species diversity in forests and steppes of northern Patagonia (390S-41S). Patterns of species diversity in Patagonia may be anomalous in two ways. (1)Expand
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