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A facility to search for hidden particles at the CERN SPS: the SHiP physics case.
This paper describes the physics case for a new fixed target facility at CERN SPS. The SHiP (search for hidden particles) experiment is intended to hunt for new physics in the largely unexploredExpand
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Neutrino masses and mixings and...
We review experimental and theoretical results related to neutrino physics with emphasis on neutrino masses and mixings, and outline possible lines of development. We try to present the physics in aExpand
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Precise quasielastic neutrino/nucleon cross-section
Quasielastic antineutrino/proton and neutrino/neutron scatterings can be well approximated by simple formulae, valid around MeV or GeV energies. We obtain a single expression valid in the wholeExpand
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CP violating decays in leptogenesis scenarios
Abstract We compute the CP violation in the decays of heavy electroweak singlet neutrinos, arising from both the one-loop vertex corrections and the wave function mixing. We extend the computation toExpand
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Minimal supersymmetric grand unified theory: Symmetry breaking and the particle spectrum
We discuss in detail the symmetry breaking and related issues in the minimal renormalizable supersymmetric grand unified theory. We compute the particle spectrum and study its impact on the physicalExpand
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The minimal supersymmetric grand unified theory
Abstract We show that the minimal renormalizable supersymmetric SO(10) GUT with the usual three generations of spinors has a Higgs sector consisting only of a “light” 10 dimensional and “heavy” 126 ,Expand
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Spectra of neutrinos from dark matter annihilations
Abstract We study the fluxes of neutrinos from annihilations of dark matter particles in the Sun and the Earth. We give the spectra of all neutrino flavors for the main known annihilation channels: νExpand
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Neutrinoless Double Beta Decay: 2015 Review
The discovery of neutrino masses through the observation of oscillations boosted the importance of neutrinoless double beta decay (). In this paper, we review the main features of this process,Expand
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Do experiments suggest a hierarchy problem
The hierarchy problem of the scalar sector of the standard model is reformulated, emphasizing the role of experimental facts that may suggest the existence of a new physics large mass scale, forExpand
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Improved analysis of SN1987A antineutrino events
Abstract We propose a new parameterization of the antineutrino flux from core collapse supernovae, that allows an interpretation of its astrophysical parameters within the Bethe and Wilson scenarioExpand
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