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Attention deficit and hyperactivity disorders in the offspring of mothers exposed to mild-moderate iodine deficiency: a possible novel iodine deficiency disorder in developed countries.
Over a period of almost 10 yr, we carried out a prospective study of the neuropsychological development of the offspring of 16 women from a moderately iodine-deficient area (area A) and of 11 controlExpand
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Papillary thyroid cancer incidence in the volcanic area of Sicily.
BACKGROUND The steadily increasing incidence of thyroid cancer has been attributed mostly to more sensitive thyroid nodule screening. However, various environmental factors, such as those associatedExpand
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Thyroid physiology in pregnancy.
OBJECTIVE Various physiological changes occur in maternal thyroid economy during pregnancy. This review focuses on the events taking place during gestation that together strongly influence maternalExpand
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Defective neuromotor and cognitive ability in iodine-deficient schoolchildren of an endemic goiter region in Sicily.
Visual perceptual integrative motor ability was investigated in 719 6- to 12-yr-old, presumably normal, primary schoolchildren living in 2 iodine-deficient endemic goiter areas in Sicily, identifiedExpand
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Post-Chernobyl increased prevalence of humoral thyroid autoimmunity in children and adolescents from a moderately iodine-deficient area in Russia.
Circulating thyroglobulin antibodies (TgAb) and thyroperoxidase antibodies (TPOAb) were measured in 143 iodine-deficient children, 5 to 15 years of age, from the Region of Tula, Russia, who had beenExpand
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Maternal thyroid function in different conditions of iodine nutrition in pregnant women exposed to mild‐moderate iodine deficiency: an observational study
Objective  We examined the effect of different conditions of nutritional iodine intake on maternal thyroid function throughout gestation in a cohort of healthy, anti‐thyroid antibody‐negative womenExpand
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Treatment and screening of hypothyroidism in pregnancy: results of a European survey.
BACKGROUND Maternal hypothyroidism in pregnancy is associated with several adverse outcomes. The Endocrine Society Guidelines for the management of thyroid diseases in pregnancy were published inExpand
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Thyroiditis due to Brucella Melitensis
A case of thyroiditis due to Brucella Melitensis is reported. Brucellosis anticipated by about two months the onset of the characteristic symptoms of acute thyroiditis. Cultures of specimens obtainedExpand
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Iodine prophylaxis using iodized salt and risk of maternal thyroid failure in conditions of mild iodine deficiency.
CONTEXT Mild to moderate iodine deficiency during pregnancy can cause transient maternal hypothyroidism and impaired mental development of the progeny. These unfavorable effects are preventable byExpand
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Increased risk of maternal thyroid failure with pregnancy progression in an iodine deficient area with major iodine deficiency disorders.
In an effort to assess the impact of moderate iodine deficiency on maternal thyroid function during pregnancy, we measured serum thyrotropin, total and free thyroid hormones, thyroid-binding globulinExpand
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