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Market Orientation, Innovativeness, Product Innovation, and Performance in Small Firms
Most research on market orientation, innovation and performance is related to big enterprises and small and medium‐sized enterprises (SMEs). In this study a model is developed to investigate theExpand
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Cooperatives’ Organizational Restructuring, Strategic Attributes, and Performance: The Case of Agribusiness Cooperatives in Greece
ABSTRACT We develop a classification of traditional versus restructured cooperative organizational attributes based on an inductive approach. Using this classification and integrating concepts fromExpand
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Seed producer cooperatives in the Ethiopian seed sector and their role in seed supply improvement: A review
ABSTRACT The role of seed producer cooperatives (SPCs) in the Ethiopian seed sector and their contribution to seed supply improvement have received attention from researchers, policymakers, andExpand
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Marketing potential of corporate social responsibility in supply chains
This paper provides a method to assess the customer value and marketing possibilities of increasing transparency about the corporate social responsibility (CSR) of supply chains. The willingness ofExpand
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Dairy farmers’ business strategies in Central and Eastern Europe based on evidence from Lithuania, Poland and Slovenia
Abstract To evaluate market-oriented strategic decision-making by farmers in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) farm development paths of dairy farmers in Slovenia, Poland and Lithuania were analysed.Expand
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Performance expectations of small firms considering radical product innovation
Performance expectations influence business decisions such as investment decisions and demand for supplies, particularly in small firms with limited strategic planning. Despite widespread use ofExpand
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Differences in farmers’ perception of opportunities for farm development
This paper empirically identifies differences between dairy farmers in their perception of opportunities for farm development. The construct ‘perceived Room for Manoeuvre’ (pRfM) is used which isExpand
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Social Competence in Small Firms—Fostering Workplace Learning and Performance
While it is widely accepted that social networks are key to small-firm success, detailed studies on the specific contribution of owner-managers' social competence to learning and performance areExpand
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The influence of market orientation on firm performance and members’ livelihood in Ethiopian seed producer cooperatives
ABSTRACT The positive effects of market orientation and its components on firm performance are empirically supported by studies conducted for large firms in developed economies. However, itsExpand
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Member or customer? Farmer commitment to supply cooperatives
Cooperative scholars have warned that member commitment is decreasing, which may impact the efficiency and viability of the cooperative. This study explores the determinants of farmer commitment toExpand
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