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The Evolution of Price Dispersion in the European Car Market
Car prices in Europe are characterized by large and persistent differences across countries. The purpose of this paper is to document and explain this price dispersion. Using a panel data setExpand
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International price discrimination in the European car market : An econometric model of oligopoly behavior with product differentiation
Why are car prices so different across European countries? I construct and estimate an oligopoly model to analyze whether international price discrimination can explain the puzzle. Three sources ofExpand
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Market Integration and Convergence to the Law of One Price: Evidence from the European Car Market
This Paper exploits the unique experiment of European market integration to investigate the relationship between integration and price convergence in international markets. Using a panel data set ofExpand
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The evolution of markets under entry and standards regulation — the case of global mobile telecommunications
We analyse the effects of government policies, such as entry regulation and standard setting, on the evolution of an industry, the global mobile telecommunications markets during 1981-1997. AmongExpand
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The diffusion of mobile telecommunications services in the European Union
We study the determinants of the diffusion of mobile telecommunications services in the European Union in a logistic model of technology diffusion. We find that the transition from the analogue toExpand
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Access regulation, competition, and broadband penetration: An international study
The evolution of broadband penetration has shown substantial differences between OECD countries. This paper empirically investigates to what extent different forms of regulated competition explainExpand
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Incomplete transmission of coffee bean prices: evidence from The Netherlands
This paper seeks to explain the incomplete transmission of coffee bean prices to consumer prices. We adopt and estimate an aggregate model of oligopolistic interaction. We obtain demand and costExpand
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Liberalizing A Distribution System: The European Car Market
We quantify the competitive effects of removing vertical restraints, based on the recent proposals to liberalize the selective and exclusive distribution system in the European car market. WeExpand
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Improving the Performance of Random Coefficients Demand Models: The Role of Optimal Instruments
We shed new light on the performance of Berry, Levinsohn and Pakes' (1995) GMM estimator of the aggregate random coefficient logit model. Based on an extensive Monte Carlo study, we show that the useExpand
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Entry and Regulation - Evidence from Health Care Professions
In many countries, pharmacies receive high regulated markups and are protected from competition through geographic entry restrictions. We develop an empirical entry model for pharmacies andExpand
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