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Mössbauer and optical spectrometry of selected schörl-dravite tourmalines
Spectrometric studies were carried out on samples of tourmaline (schörl-dravite series) from geological environments where first-phase-formed tourmaline underwent influence of geochemically differentExpand
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Photoinduced Ferrimagnetic Systems in Prussian Blue Analogues CIxCo4[Fe(CN)6]y (CI = Alkali Cation). 1. Conditions to Observe the Phenomenon
Photoinduced magnetization has been recently evidenced by Hashimoto et al. in CoFe Prussian blue analogues. We synthesized three compounds with a variable cobalt environment to point out theExpand
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Monte Carlo entropic sampling applied to spin crossover solids: the squareness of the thermal hysteresis loop
Abstract The Monte Carlo entropic sampling method previously presented in [ I. Shteto, J. Linares, F. Varret, Phys. Rev. E 56 (1997) 5128 ] is adapted here to an Ising-like system with short- andExpand
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Photoinduced ferrimagnetic systems in Prussian blue analogues C(I)xCo4[Fe(CN)6]y (C(I) = alkali cation). 3. Control of the photo- and thermally induced electron transfer by the [Fe(CN)6] vacancies in
We synthesized a series of CoFe Prussian blue analogues along which we tuned the amount of cesium cations inserted in the tetrahedral sites of the structure. Structure and electronic structure haveExpand
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Raman spectroscopy of the high- and low-spin states of the spin crossover complex Fe(phen) 2 (NCS) 2 : an initial approach to estimation of vibrational contributions to the associated entropy change
Abstract Raman spectra of the spin-crossover complex Fe(phen) 2 (NCS) 2 in the solid state have been recorded at 785 nm as a function of temperature to investigate the contribution of intramolecularExpand
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Dynamic triggering of a spin-transition by a pulsed magnetic field
Abstract:We report the first study of the effect of a high pulsed magnetic field on a spin transition complex in the solid state. The high spin fraction was determined by optical reflectivity.Expand
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Photo-excitation from dia- to ferri-magnetism in a Rb-Co-hexacyanoferrate Prussian blue analogue
Abstract:We studied the photo-excitation process, the relaxation of the photo-excited state towards the stable state, and the photo-induced magnetic properties of the Prussian blue analogue Rb0.52CoExpand
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The kinetics features of a thermal spin transition characterized by optical microscopy on the example of [Fe(bbtr)3](ClO4)2 single crystals: Size effect and mechanical instability
We investigated by optical microscopy the thermal spin transition in single crystals of [Fe(bbtr)3](ClO4)2 (bbtr = 1,4-di(1,2,3-triazol-1-yl) butane). The growth of the low-spin phase was observedExpand
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Velocity of the high-spin low-spin interface inside the thermal hysteresis loop of a spin-crossover crystal, via photothermal control of the interface motion.
We investigated by optical microscopy the thermal transition of the spin-crossover dinuclear iron(II) compound [(Fe(NCSe)(py)(2))(2)(m-bpypz)]. In a high-quality crystal the high-spin (HS) low-spinExpand
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Structure-driven orientation of the high-spin-low-spin interface in a spin-crossover single crystal.
The orientation of the high-spin (HS)-low-spin (LS) macroscopic interface at the thermal transition of thin [{Fe(NCSe)(py)2}2(m-bpypz)] crystals is explained by considering the possible vanishing ofExpand
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