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“The Real is Relational”: An Epistemological Analysis of Pierre Bourdieu's Generative Structuralism
An internal reconstruction and an immanent critique of Bourdieu's generative structuralism is presented. Rather than starting with the concept of “habitus,” as is usually done, the article tries toExpand
The Status of the Object
In their substantive introduction, the editors first revisit two classical sites of controversy which have offered frameworks for theorizing the interplay between materiality and sociality:Expand
Book Review: The Archers
Immanent transcendence in Georg Simmel’s sociology of religion
This article presents a systematic reconstruction of Georg Simmel’s sociology of religion. Following the development of his sociology of religion, it successively analyses religion as a form ofExpand
Reconstructing Humants: A Humanist Critique of Actant-Network Theory
This article tacks back towards the idealist side of the argument, in a spirited defence of critical humanism against the radical symmetry of ANT. Vandenberghe argues that the critique of reificationExpand
Sociology of the Heart
The article proposes a critical investigation of Max Scheler's epistemology of love. It opens with an investigation of his analysis of the constitutive role of emotions in the disclosure of realityExpand
Avatars of the Collective: A Realist Theory of Collective Subjectivities*
Let it be a network of voices … A network of voices that not only speak, but also struggle and resist for humanity.
Deleuzian capitalism
Contemporary capitalism is in effect, if not in intent, Deleuzian. As a network of networks, it is rhizomatic, flexible, chaosmotic, evolving, expanding. In the negativist spirit that characterizesExpand
Sociology as Practical Philosophy and Moral Science
The philosophical assumptions that organize moral sociology as practical philosophy are the outcome of a secular quest to investigate the principles, norms and values behind the constitution ofExpand