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Measuring Anonymity Revisited
Anonymous message transmission systems are the building blocks of several high-level anonymity services (e.g. epayment, e-voting). Therefore, it is essential to give a theoretically based but alsoExpand
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From Cluster Monitoring to Grid Monitoring Based on GRM
We present four possible architectural designs and related issues of the GRM monitor for semi-on-line general application monitoring in a grid environment. Expand
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Implementation framework for Artificial Neural Networks on FPGA
This paper proposes an FPGA ANN framework which facilitates implementation in embedded systems. Expand
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Accommodation study of a nanograin iron powder
Accommodation (reptation) is a magnetizing process which occurs when the field is cycled between two extrema. The resulting minor loops do not close upon themselves, but rather approach a closedExpand
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Parameter identification of the complete-moving-hysteresis model using major loop data
The complete-moving-hysteresis (CMH) model computes both the reversible and the irreversible components of the magnetization and the relationship between these components. An important questionExpand
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Demagnetized‐state dependence of Henkel plots. I. The Preisach model
The interpretation of interaction through Henkel plots and Δm plots has become popular in recent years; however, the demagnetized state is often not specified. In this paper, the demagnetized stateExpand
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Measurements of output-dependent Preisach functions
The interiors of hysteresis loops were examined for commercial recording tape samples of gamma -Fe/sub 2/O/sub 3/ and Co-modified gamma -Fe/sub 2/O/sub 3/. It was found that the minor loops did notExpand
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Parallel, distributed and network-based processing
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Relationship between the moving and the product Preisach models
It has been shown that output-dependent Preisach models are not limited by the congruency property of other Preisach models. The problem of the relationship between two such models is addressed: theExpand
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Characteristics of magnetic media models
Full characterization of particulate recording media requires the modeling of both the reversible and the irreversible components of the magnetization. Experiments show that the height of minor loopsExpand
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