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The Effect of Diffuse Light on Crops
Modelling and experimental studies showed that crops such as fruit vegetables with a high plant canopy as well as ornamentals with a small plant canopy can utilize diffuse light better than direct light.
Innovations in crop production: a matter of physiology and technology
Crop production per unit greenhouse area has doubled during the last 25 years in The Netherlands, while the energy use has been drastically reduced. The growth conditions for plants have been
Influence of fertilization and a high daily light integral on the growth and flowering of Phalaenopsis
Based on the results of this trial with these cultivars, a nutrient solution with an EC 1.0 and 14 or 20 mM nitrogen appears to be the best choice, and in this treatment, the highest number of spikes, virtually no problems with spike disease, and a good number of newly formed leaves with potential for flowering spikes was observed.
Possibilities for producing compact floricultural crops
Het vinden van effectieve en milieuvriendelijke strategieen voor het beheersen van de plantlengte is een aandachtspunt voor toekomstige productiemethodes in de sierteelt. In dit literatuuronderzoek
Vermindering wortelproblemen Miltonia (Miltoniopsis)
Bij de teelt van Miltonia (Miltoniopsis) komen veel wortelproblemen voor. Planten komen los op de pot te staan en vallen weg. Onderzoek gefinancierd door het Productschap Tuinbouw heeft laten zien